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Hamilton LEDITB100 intelligent mains voltage dimmer can control up to 100W LED bulbs (10 bulbs Max) in both Trailing and Leading Edge mode.


• LED Dimmer module. 

• One-way and two-way switch for ON/OFF function. (Retrofit traditional dimmer). 

• Minimum load down to 5W (1x LED bulb). 

• Soft start up and down feature helps extend lamp life. 

• User settings for minimum dim level and mode setting. 

• Built-in short circuit protection, once activated, the module will suspend operation for 5 seconds. 

• Built-in Thermo Circuit Protection. To prevent overheating, a resettable thermostat will disconnect the dimmer if the module temperature increases above 110˚C. The dimmer will become operational once the dimmer has cooled to below 75˚C. 

• Manually select dimmer mode (Leading or Trailing Edge). 

• Designed to be installed using a 35mm flush wall box that conforms to BS4662:2006. 

• The dimmer will automatically be set to Trailing Edge mode but can manually be set to Leading Edge mode.#

Hamilton LEDITB100 LED Dimmer Module

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