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Greenwood CV2GIP dMEV IPX5 (Wall) IPX4 (Ceiling)

Performance Not Power - Unity CV2GIP delivers the correct airflow performance with the lowest possible energy requirement for Building Regulation compliance

  • A Greenwood GIP product - 100% adjustable on-site for easy compliance

  • It complies with System 3 (dMEV), removing the need for high background ventilation rates (window vents)

  • EST Best Practice compliance with a Specific Fan Power as low as 0.16 W/l/s

  • Includes Greenwood SMART Technology for even better ventilation in the home

  • Available in a CV2GIP SELV extra low voltage option for bathrooms: CV2SVGIP

  • Ultra quiet running noise as low as 10dB on trickle speed

  • Complies with system 3

  • Complies to: low voltage directive & EMC compatibility directive

  • IPX5 rated wall

  • IPX4 rated ceiling

  • 3 year warranty

  • CE UKCA marked

  • UKAS accreditation

Greenwood CV2GIP dMEV IPX5 (Wall) IPX4 (Ceiling)

Excluding VAT
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