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FuseBox TPN03FBX 3 Way TPN Distribution Board 125A with SPD

The FuseBox TPN03FBX 3 Way TPN distribution board is the perfect solution for those who require a reliable and efficient electrical distribution system. With its 125A main switch and SPD (Surge Protection Device), this distribution board offers both protection and peace of mind.

  • 125A Main Switch Incomer
  • Surge Protection Device Fitted
  • 3 Useable Ways (Triple Pole)
  • Compatible With 10ka MCB’s & RCBO’s
  • Large Terminals for Easy Installation
  • Identification Label Pack
  • Dimensions H 542mm x W 500mm x D 113mm


Image for illustration only 

Fusebox TPN03FBX 3 Way 3 Phase

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