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Armeg SDRSET7A 7 Piece 1000V Insulated VDE Screwdriver Set

erfect for comfort, precision and safety when working on live connections

1000V GripX2 Screwdrivers are ideal for:

  • Live connections
  • Tightening / loosening terminal screws
  • Removal / replacement of covers & casings etc
  • First-fix
  • Switch plate fitting / removal 

Precision machined Chrome Molybdenum steel blade

  • GripX2 screwdriver blades are manufactured from Chrome Molybdenum steel to provide extreme screw grip and increased durability.
  • The precision machined blade provides a positive location in the screw head which helps prevent ‘camming’ (slipping) out of the screw, avoiding damage to the blade profile.

Ergonomically designed comfort grip handle

  • The comfort grip handle is ergonomically designed for fatigue free daily use.
  • PP material provides enhanced handle strength
  • TPR (Rubber) material provides a soft-grip feel for extra user comfort.

Fully safety assured


Designed for use on live installation applications:

  • 1000V Rated
  • VDE/ Gs approved
  • Fully Insulated Shaft

Plus/Minus Screwdrivers

The range includes Plus/Minus VDE screwdrivers which are specifically designed for use within the increasingly common Terminal Screw head. 

Armeg SDRSET7A 7 Piece 1000V Insulated VDE Screwdriver Set

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