Tubes, Lamps & Control Gear


Fluorescent Tubes:

  • Fluorescent Tubes, All Sizes and Wattages – T5 T8 & T12
  • Extra Brightness, Longer Life Triphosphor Fluorescent Tubes
  • Shatterproof (for Food Production Environment) Fluorescent Tubes
  • Floodlight Fluorescent Lamps for Fresh Food Displays
  • Fast Tan Sunbed Tubes
  • Fluorescent Tube Starters, Standard & Electronic


  • Candle Lamps - All Cap Types
  • Standard Light Bulbs & Golf Ball Lamps
  • Halogen Spotlights, Hi Spot & Par Ranges
  • 12v Low Voltage Halogen Dichroic Lamps
  • Energy Saving Lamps, Capped & Pinned
  • 2D Lamps, 2 & 4 Pinned

Industrial Lamps (High Intensity Discharge):

  • Metal Halide. All Types & Wattages
  • High Pressure Sodium. S.O.N Lamps
  • Low Pressure Sodium SOX

Lamp Control Gear:

  • Standard Ballast Units
  • High Frequency Ballast Units
  • Capacitor Units
  • Emergency Inverters / Battery Packs
  • Lamp Clips & Fittings
  • LED Drivers

Above is just a snap shot of the products that we stock and supply, please contact us for more information.

For more information on the best lighting products to suit your business, call Business Lighting Ltd on 01179 629010 or 01179 629000

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