Additional Products

We stock a range of Duracell Batteries

Batteries for lighting systems bristol
  • AAA, AA, C, D , PP3, PJ996

Alarm Batteries

Alarm batteries bristol
  • Various Sizes

Waterproof Sockets & Switches

Waterproof sockets and switches for the garden bristol

RCD Protected Sockets

RCD Protected sockets bristol
  • Available in white or metal


Tiers for lighting bristol
  • A range of timers for Lighting or Heating

Domestic & Commercial Fans

Domestic Fans bristol
  • Available in 4,6,12 inch
  • Standard, Timed, Humidistat

Fan Accessories

Fan Accessories Bristol
  • Ducting, Chrome Grilles, Gravity Grilles


Smoke alarms bristol
  • Smoke ,Heat, Carbon Monoxide

Switches & Sockets

switches and sockets for lighting
  • A range of colours and options

Above is just a snap shot of the products that we stock and supply, please contact us for more information.

For more information on the best lighting products to suit your business, call Business Lighting Ltd on 01179 629010 or 01179 629000

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